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You can illustrate one of our users’ forum postings that is soon be featured on our blog. Use the submission form at the bottom of this page. Upcoming forum posts available to illustrate are listed below.


Sign and date your art in the lower right corner.

Make sure you are signed in to DareToAks.com. Include your name and place of residence (for proper credit), followed by the ID number of the corresponding forum post.

Send cartoons, doodles, drawings, sketches, photos and paintings.

All art must be the original work of the submitter, with no copyright infringements or use of others’ work. By submitting photos containing people, you acknowledge that proper model releases have been obtained for their use.

Please submit your image as a .png or .jpg only. Maximum size 1 MB. An aspect ratio of 660px X 330px works best.

By submitting to DaretoAks.com, you allow us to use the artwork in any manner we choose, though you retain the rights to and ability to sell the original.

All artwork is used for generic representation of the subject material at hand. People depicted in the works are for representational purposes only and are not connected to the subject matter in any way.

Be provocative, humorous or heartwarming, not hateful or intentionally offensive.

Upcoming posts to illustrate

41712 – My dad sharpened his Bowie knife to scare my boyfriends into keeping their hands off

11212 – Why is it so difficult to find sexually active seniors in their late sixties and seventies?

523 – Why do people treat the rich so rudely?

24024 – I freaked out when I got served fish in a mental hospital

44213 – Men like obese women because they can cook and have low self-esteem

4554 – Why am I always “the cool black guy” when I go into a white college bar?

9432 – I’m wondering why Orthodox Jewish women wear wigs

27936 – ‘Any guy is gay if you give him a couple of beers…’

Send it in now!

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