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Hey poor people, could you tidy it up, please?

Why it is that whenever the media goes into a poor house/apartment (or when the ...

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Heart in hand

Maybe ‘fag hags’ have homophilia, not homophobia

If we’re going to get persnickety — and you already have; this is a correction ...

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2woman arms

Are hairy arms sexy or sucky on a woman?

When I was in high school in the ’70s, many girls had beautiful, hairy arms, ...

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bar scene

Why am I always the ‘cool black guy’?

I’ve noticed when I’ve gone to almost all-white college bars that I am THE MAN. ...

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male yoga

Is doing yoga really un-Christian?

I’ve been doing yoga for quite some time, and a ‘friend’ of mine recently told ...

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girl chola makeup

Why do Hispanic girls pluck, draw, paste and gel?

Why do a lot of Hispanic women pluck their eyebrows and then draw them on ...

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candy lips

They may be ‘young and plumptious,’ but I don’t always want to hook up

Thanks for the question. It really made me think, and I may not be proud ...

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Should I let the young’ns see daddy behind bars?

My children are 9-and 7-year-old little boys and their real father is going to jail ...

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ivy mansion

Ivy mansions make me feel poor, insignificant … and nanny-less

When I go to rich areas of Montreal (like Westmount), even if I’m just walking ...

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