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‘…and I have heft to it, too’

As an Asian guy, I’ve been mercilessly teased by people since my teens (even Asian ...

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People give a flip about getting the finger because…

How and why did the finger between the ‘ring finger’ and the ‘pointer finger’ come ...

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Why have kids you can barely feed?

Realizing that I would not want to work 12-14 hours a day to support kids ...

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Why don’t old people bathe more often?

Why do many senior citizens view a daily shave (for men) as virtually mandatory, while ...

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Do all black people know each other?

Do all black people know each other? RaquelP, City : Johnson City, State : TN, ...

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‘When I’m committed, I won’t kiss another girl’

There are two kinds of cheats, and both are bad news for you. Type 1: ...

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Are straight guys flattered by gay crushes?

I am a very masculine homosexual male, and I easily find myself being noticed by ...

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Why do ‘Captain Bringdowns’ stay at jobs they hate?

Why do people keep jobs they hate? I could understand the money or benefits, but ...

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Listen up: Some Deafies don’t want to become cochlear ‘Hearies’

I was born deaf, and I can say that the cochlear implant idea is offensive ...

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