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A male kindergarten teacher? Some people just never learn…

I’m a female kindergarten teacher and am always very curious when meeting a male kindergarten ...

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A spittin’ image of poor girls and their saliva

I have noticed something – girls spitting. It tends to be lower class girls that ...

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‘A generation of spoiled brats’ gave us the JAP stereotype

In the New York area, the period after World War II saw many second- and ...

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You put your kid in prairie dresses and plain cotton?

What really gets me are the stores that sell satin, sexy underwear for little girls. ...

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Why do kids kill themselves?

Why do kids feel they have to take their lives, and that they can’t turn ...

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Corrections officers setting up ‘gladiator fights’?

What on earth are prison guards doing while prisoners are being attacked, raped, forming gangs, ...

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Is there such a thing as too tall?

I know women like guys who are tall, but how tall? Is it relative? Is ...

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North Dakotan, not backward – and won’t bitch you out

I’ve lived in North Dakota my whole life. I love it. I’m not racist, redneck ...

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Should I get down with someone in a wheelchair?

I recently met a man who was in a wheelchair. We introduced ourselves and talked ...

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