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Ivy mansions make me feel poor, insignificant … and nanny-less

When I go to rich areas of Montreal (like Westmount), even if I’m just walking in the street or looking around in a store, I feel out of place. I feel as if everyone must know that I don’t belong there. I feel self-conscious about my clothes and manners. Looking at those huge, gorgeous old houses with ivy all over them makes me feel poor and insignificant. I just don’t feel at ease among people who hire nannies for their kids, don’t do their own cooking and cleaning and spend more money on one outfit than I spend on a month’s rent.

CP19376, Gender : F, Age : 22, City : Montreal, Quebec, State : NA, Country : Canada, Occupation : student, 20236

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Do people from poorer neighborhoods feel uncomfortable when visiting more affluent neighborhoods?

Candice19213, Gender : F, Race : Asian, Age : 18, City : Toronto, Ontario, State : NA, Country : United States, Social class : Upper middle class

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