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‘I’m not plotting against Americans, but if I wanted to, I’d taint our ketchup supply’

I’m not plotting against Americans, nobody I know is. But hey, if I wanted to, I’d taint our ketchup supply, because America loves ketchup…. After 9/11, I’m at the airport and told the woman at the counter I’m a comic and I was running late … she says ‘Say something funny.’ I said, ‘OK, I just graduated from flight school.’  She didn’t laugh. The lady next to her, though, I heard her whisper, ‘That was pretty fucking funny.’ (From the Dare To Ask column.)

Muslim comic Ahmed Ahmed

In the Quran there is plenty of backing to kill infidels or make them convert. Even in moderate sections it says you must tax exceedingly high on the infidel until they convert or die from poverty. Of course, in Leviticus [in the Bible] it says if a woman is not a virgin on her wedding night, she should be stoned to death. So I guess everyone picks and chooses.

Zechariah S., City : Los Angeles, State : CA, Country : United States, 20678

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Do most Muslims consider killing infidels acceptable or even expected?

C. D., City : Johnson City, State : TN, Country : United States

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