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    With the title, you might have got the idea about what I am asking here. The writing was never considered to be a professional career in the old times. We have seen that things are now changing and this has changed because of the content being considered as the king. This has sparked me to be in this field. The writing was always one of the greatest time passes in the childhood yet when I was in the growing ages no scope in the field was what made me leave this behind but I now think is the best time to get back here again. With multiple options in the field, I want to get in the field of Wikipedia writing. I now want to become one of the expert Wiki writers. I, however, have not idea about how I can get to this field and would like to hear from some professional about how this could be made as a career and what are skills that would be required for getting in this career? What are the things that I should learn moreover if some can comment about what is the scope of this career?

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