Why do people think Trump supporters are backwoods racists?

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    A lot of people who were against Trump in the election seemed to think his supporters were toothless backwoods racists, but the people I saw at a Trump rally I attended looked basically like normal people, although very fired up and angry. Why did so many Hillary supporters have such a low opinion of their opponents?

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    There was not enough listening. Too many scared folks fed up with their lives and financial situations got lost in all of our liberal talk about the polling numbers and Trump’s racism and sexism. Many rural and blue-collar, financially struggling people, smart or otherwise, raised their middle fingers high at Obama and the current state of affairs in America, which they view in such a skewed fashion that they feel their singular, individual problems are basically more important than the overall progress of the very society that makes their lives livable. No one saw this coming in such a stunning fashion. Who the hell pegged Wisconsin as a red state?

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    Hillary voters needed to open their eyes and see the entire picture. Take my dad, he’s a construction worker. I love him, but I will be the first to say, he can be brash in his words. Most times, he’ll only give it to who he feels comfortable giving it to, but unfortunately sometimes, I don’t think he realizes that his words do sting. I will tell you, I’ve only seen my Dad cry twice in my life. When his Dad died and when he saw me at the hospital for the first time after my daughter was born with cerebral palsy. So, even though he comes off as a Grinch, I know he has a heart. He may not be technology inclined, untraveled, believes in working for his money and holds many “Republican” beliefs, but he is one of the hardest-working people I know. I know I couldn’t put in the physical labor that he has over the years. People need to put things in perspective and keep an open mind to the beliefs and words of people like him, knowing that his are very different from theirs

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    We weren’t backwoods, we couldn’t deal with the mandatory healthcare. Did you try to apply? When I applied, my rate was over $700 a month I did not qualify for a “rate decrease,” and I was a single parent of two. I find that ridiculous. I took the fine and voted for the candidate who would help me most on my healthcare. Two other examples: My neighbor is a CPA and her husband is a manager at an engineering firm. She said they had to pay more than $20,000 OUT OF POCKET last year, and that was with the insurance they got that had changed because of Obamacare. Another family of five paid $7,000 in premiums three years ago with a family cap of an additional $11K out of pocket before insurance kicked in. This year, they pay $12K for four, with a cap of an additional $12K possible out of pocket before insurance kicks in. And that’s in-network, and for less coverage and fewer choices. I know too many instances of it negatively affecting people outside the upper middle class, people with disabilities and young working class people. People don’t have healthcare not because they don’t want it. They don’t have it because they can’t afford it. Obamacare put a lot of working middle class people in Iowa who don’t work for the county, state or government in a bind. I guess my neighbor and I are getting screwed to help provide insurance to others, while trying to figure out how to afford it. We are part of the program, too. No one in the media or government is talking about us. Affordable to All? If healthcare was Affordable to All, I think a lot of voters would have voted for Hillary.

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    Terry, you said you voted for the candidate who will better your position. Progressives vote for who will make the country better for everyone, knowing that in the end, everyone will have a chance to be better off for it.

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    The media went for the juiciest “stories” (mostly made up) and found the bottom of the barrel on both sides so it would appear to both parties that the other party is any given number of unappealing titles or names. The bottom line is that both Trump and Clinton were terrible choices and most people tried to chose the “lesser of two evils” and or picked the candidate that would most help their financial situation. The entire government is corrupt and disgusting and the more we as a nation are divided by fake news and financial status, the more this corruption will grow and the more control the government will have. If we the people could stand together stronger then perhaps we would demand better from our elected officials and the corruption would decrease. I say decrease because I don’t believe that any nation including ours could ever completely wipe out corruption, but I do believe it could be better!

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