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    If your are the wines but you do not have them all with you when buying online, this article interests you

    In the wine sector, Internet sales are around 50 million liters per year in Spain (Nielsen). A trend that is gaining ground to traditional marketing, both through the food channel, and HORECA.

    However, the figures are still far from other European countries. The online wine market in Spain represents a turnover of 80 million euros, with growth of 30% -50% annually, while in other European countries such as France and the United Kingdom, for example, it generates 365 and 967 million euros per year respectively.

    Although today they represent 13% of the total purchases of wine made in Spain, considerable increases are expected for the coming years, as it supposes.

    In fact, the online purchase of wine has not stopped growing since 2006, according to a report presented last year in Bordeaux. Thus, wine sales have increased worldwide by 600% in the last 10 years, assuming today about 6,000 million dollars for the industry.

    Online shopping is presented as the most interesting and convenient alternative to buying wine for the home without having to travel. If you are still new to this type of experience and have decided to give e-commerce a try, maybe you can come up with some of these tips from Lavinia , the emblematic international wine shop with presence in Spain, to make sure you do it in a safe way.


    Internet is not the paradise of crime, as you may have heard from people uninformed or with fears. If it is the first time you buy online and you have not done it before because you do not trust, miss the fear of the internet. The network is no less safe than the street and just as you know how to move safely in the physical world, if you follow the next steps, you will make a perfect and totally safe purchase.


    Ideally, you should shop from the same site and navigate from a secure connection. Preferably use a closed network or shared with trusted people (home, your work if it is a closed network, your phone) and avoid the wifis of public places and the open connections of the bars. However, it is currently unlikely that you will be robbed from these sites, but not impossible.


    Currently one of the biggest sources of crime on the Internet is produced by email. Many criminals copy the image from other sites and send you to fake sites that do not correspond to the original site. Do not click on suspicious mail offers, or download strange documents. If you see an offer in an email, open a new clean tab and go directly to the portal that offers it.


    Find out where you shop. If you do not usually buy online you probably do not know almost any, but surely the name of some does sound. Use common sense. Use Google to look up site references, research social networks, and visit the site itself to detect possible absences. A secure site will have no problem in offering you a phone call, a physical address, the business name of the company behind the online store as well as other corporate data, …


    Most Internet crimes are committed because users do not pay attention to Urls. This also applies to the previous section of emails. When you access a site you have to make sure that the address of the browser corresponds to the domain of the site you are visiting. It suspects in addition to the deceitful subdomains, that try to appear a fictitious address. Also look in the address bar at the time of payment, if the address starts with “https”, it means that you are on a private connection and therefore secure. If it only starts with “http”, it means that your connection is not private and it is not advisable to pay on these sites.


    The advantage of an online wine shop is that it is cheaper to buy. The online wine shops offer a price closer to the distributor than to the classic point of sale. However you should be wary when they offer you a surprisingly low offer. If something seems too nice to be true, it probably is not true. If you see a product at a tremendously low price, which also offers no explanation, mistrust automatically. Be wary if you also justify the price with an excuse “these are products with …. and then the excuse” Before the doubt, use common sense.


    Make an initial purchase on an online wine site that you want to know for a smaller amount. It will also serve to value the site and you will be able to later make bigger purchases as you go knowing.


    The online purchase of wines allows you to calmly take your purchase, gather plenty of information on the internet about that wine and even contrast it with the various fan blogs, comments … In addition, if the online trade is good you will find some means of contact for request additional information immediately (chat, Skype, telephone, …). The best online wine shops will provide you with immediate professional advice.

    9. RETURNS

    It will seem silly to you, but this criterion is of great help especially in the wine sector. When you access an online wine shop, see if there is a possibility of return in case it does not satisfy you or you regret receiving it before opening the wine. If the notice is not attached to the product, it is likely that at the end of the page there is a section called Return Policy or similar. If there is the possibility, there you have a sign of confidence. Otherwise it is not advisable to buy.


    If you have never bought online, when you pay, you probably prefer to do it on a cash-back, this gives you the security that you will pay only when you receive the wine, however you may be charged a small fee for this service. You can make a small initial cash rebate, assuming the extra cost, to know the site and then move to a digital payment medium. Another option is to use an intermediary in the means of payment, the best known is PayPal, this way you pay to PayPal and pay PayPal to the store without revealing your data. There are also secure payment options that can be offered by your own bank, such as virtual cards.
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