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    Annie West

    Women have been subjugated by men for thousands of years. The act of fellatio has been used as a humiliating curse: ‘suck my dick’. In front of their friends, some men may callously deride the woman who performed it on them. A few less callous men may subconsciously view a woman who performs it as an easy woman. Many women could therefore subconsciously view the act of fellatio as a denigrating act of submission or self-humiliation. Besides the subconscious aversion that she may have, there could be fears of not pleasing one’s partner, of becoming tired before he ejaculates, of not liking the taste of the ejaculate, of choking on the ejaculate, or simply of not being sure what to do with the ejaculate once it is emitted. If one wishes to overcome his or her aversion, the first step might be to recognize the basis/bases of the feeling. If the non-sexual relationship is not mutually satisfactory and beneficiary, or if she has had an abusive or negative relationship with another man, then a woman may feel denigrated if she performs fellatio; she will need to work on this issue before re-considering. Practical Advice: *If one swallows a bitter substance very quickly, one cannot taste it. *Ejaculate may taste better or worse depending upon whether the man smokes and which foods he eats. *Relaxing the throat while gently or firmly sucking the tip of the penis shortly before ejaculation will draw the fluid into the throat before it can be tasted. Also, while sucking, one is also swallowing one’s own saliva. When the ejaculate is emitted, one then swallows it together with the saliva in one natural-feeling motion and therefore does not get a choking reflex. *While he masturbates, a man will use the motion(s) that stimulate(s) him the most. For more effective stimulation, his partner can try to reproduce these motions, perhaps first with the hand(s), then later with the mouth. *One can pretend that the roles are reversed. *While performing, one can think about the love or good feelings in the relationship rather than concentrating on the actual act.

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    Name : Annie West, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Disability : I talk too much, Race : Black/African American, Religion : unsure, Age : 36, City : Tutzing, State : NA Country : Germany, Education level : 4 Years of College, Social class : Upper class, 
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