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    At our local stores there is a huge differance in the type of people that shop in Walmart compared to those who shop in Target. Are the Walmarts in other areas like this?

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    Name : Trent, City : Fargo, State : ND Country : United States, 

    Yes, it is also like this here. I’ve lived in several states and it was also the same there. WalMart generally appeals to a broader class of people, including the lower classes. Targets tend to have merchandise designed to cater to the budget minded middle and upper classes.

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    I shop at both here in St. Louis. Walmart’s prices are generally cheaper, sometimes by a lot. Target has much nice clothing & household decor, sheets, towels, etc, but they cost more. I’ve noticed that at many of the local Walmarts, there are lots of extremely obese female customers, often riding in those elec. carts. Perhaps Walmart has more clothing in those extra large sizes. Just Curious

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