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    Do people who live in expensive houses on hills that overlook a city feel superior to those who live below? I often wonder when I look up at these houses whether people buy them because they like the view or because they feel superior to everyone else, or a combination of the two. Or are there other reasons?
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    In Feng Shui good energy is believed to float up (through vents, windows, etc) and bad energy is believed to drain down (through stairs, plumbing, etc.) and such. In the animal kingdom, the Alpha of the group is allowed to take the highest position. In military strategy, a fort built on high ground is considered safer. In some religions, Gods are believed to reside above us and demons are believed to reside below us (Zeus lived on top of mount Olympis, Jehova met with Moses on mount Siani, Christ is supposed to return to the mount of Olives, Heaven is often depicted in the clouds, while Hell, Purgatory, and Hades are all often pictured in the center of the Earth. Could it be that there is some sort of universal truth behind these thoughts?

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