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    Why is it that some black Americans have resurrected past symbols and items having to do with slavery? I am referring to things such as branding and tattoos. Even less frequently, I see some black youths wearing dog collars with leashes around their necks. If I came from a group that had a history of being kept in chains, the last thing I would want to do is put on a chain and collar. Whether consciously or not, these things echo of slavery, and I wonder if it is an intentional commemoration or just a message that I get as a student of history.

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    Many of the people that you refer to belong to Black fraternities. African-Americans (and other oppressed groups) often take the symbols that have been used to degrade them and adopt them thereby disempowering the offender and empowering themselves. The n-word is probably the best example. Black people didn’t invent that word, but we have used it in an ironic sense to empower ourselves, take the sting out of it, and remove the power from those who would use the word to hurt. Many people argue that branding, in particular, is a way of saying, ‘I will never allow this to happen again. ‘

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    This way of branding gives them fastest identification of every slaves they have. They use various tools to tag one another and isolate them to their respective areas. Some branded are quarantine due to severe health issues at the same time living in a hell like cage.


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