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    Why do so many elderly people drive Crown Victorias or huge Buicks?

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    I think you have to be 100 years old in order to buy a Buick Century.

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    My grandpa does the same thing! I don’t know about other people but for him it was the last company car he had (back in 1979!) and it reminds him of his friend who had passed away back about that time. Another thought is this: Crown Vic’s and Buicks are rather large vehicles. They might remind them of the vehicles back in the ’50s that were very large vehicles

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    My guess is it’s a combo of comfort (big boat cars are easier on old-people joints) and the Depression-era desire to ‘buy American.’

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    Car comes in compact, medium size, and large size. compact cars are only big enough for teenagers whose weight is about 100 lbs. So men/women buys medium and large size vehicles.

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    Name : Sam, City : Lewisville, State : TX Country : United States, 
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