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    Why is it that when someone has more money, they feel they are better than another person. They usually believe they are worth more than a person with less money. When I thought we were all equal.

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    People who feel better than others because they have money are actually one of the worst, and saddest, kinds of people. Because they probably have no redeeming personal quality, they cling to their wealth to set themselves apart from people who might be “better” than them. Just so nobody might compare them, and see the possible truth. I have quite a lot of disposible income for someone in my level of employment. Some might say I live the good life. I have a lot of money because I still live with my parents. I have almost every video game console and a super powerful PC. All bought from my own money. I own about 300 different games across these devices. All paid for by me, because I have no expenses. No rent, no food costs, heat, electricity. I’m wealthy because I’m a frigging parasite, leeching off my friends and family. Capable of spending 90% of my money on leisure activities. I’m a horrible person. But I try to change for the better. I refuse to let wealth define who iIam. While there are disgusting wretches of snobs, there also half-decent to pretty awesome rich people, who either are trying to become better people or who already are. Bill Gates has plans to distribute all his personal wealth he accumulated among charities he personally investigates first. Donald Trump cashed in a check written to him by a group of scientists performing a social experiment with several multi-millionaires. It was worth 1 cent.

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