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    Isn’t masturbation essentially a homosexual act?
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    The act of masturbation is not itself homosexual because most people are masturbating due to arousal from an outside source (an attractive person, a porn movie\magazine or even an erotic dream). Essentially for it to be considered a homosexual act, the person would have to be turned on by his\her own body … not likely with the prevalance of warped views of our self-image.

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    I think the focus is usually on the sensations received in the area being stimulated, rather than the sensation received through the fingertips. I don’t like using my hands on my vulva as I don’t like the feel of a woman’s sex organs – even my own! I prefer to use toys so I can pretend it’s someone else touching me. I’d guess that quite a few people would feel this way. By the way, I’m not at all homophobic, and have had a sexual encounter with another woman just to experiment. I found it dreadfully boring. I guess I’m as straight as they come.

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    Jim White

    I am a straight male and I know other strait males who all masterbate at one time or another. So the answer to your question to your answer in NO!!!!! Besides what does it matter?

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    You’re an idiot.

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