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    Why is it that Christian networks/shows feature people with really big hair and lots of make-up and gawdy, over-decorated sets? It makes me cringe, so I always skip over those channels -probably exactly the opposite reaction these people want. Do they think that kind of image will really convert viewers?

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    The styles you describe are those prevalent in the Southern part of the country. That part of the country also produces the greatest number of ‘Born-againers,’ who are also the people who watch these shows. I suspect that the folks broadcasting these shows are not actually trying to convert anyone. What they are doing is raising funds to perpetuate the TV show, with money left over to pay the evangelist. Ergo, you are probably not the target audience in the first place.

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    Good question and something I have observed; any major city Jan Crouch looks like someone working the streets, but then she follows Tammy Faye Baker, so they must know their market. Worse, Benny Hinn’s comb-over.

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    Did you check how old the shows are? Big hair and lots of makeup sounds very 1980s. Perhaps the reason the shows are like that is the era in which they were produced.

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    Look who controls these networks and where the shows originate from. CBN in particular – owned and operated by Pat Robertson straight out of the Bible Belt – where big hair and tons of makeup seem to never go out of style. They are targeting an audience (using very sophisticated marketing research) in order to garnish the most money possible. That target seems to be (and I hate to use this phrase) ‘trailer park trash.’ Then look at the Sunday morning fare on regular network TV – shows such as ‘Hour of Power’ with Robert Schuller. This is from a mainstream church with modern, somewhat liberal beliefs. The high hair and tons of makeup are not there. Their target audience isn’t selected for generating the big money, rather getting the word of Christianity across to the masses. In so many words, CBN and their ilk are out to get money from an audience that studies have shown are most likely to send them money because they see some sort of ‘kinship’ with these broadcasters. They further push that ‘kinship’ with a certain style and gaudiness that their audience appreciates. It ain’t the message they are worrying about – it’s getting the money, which translates into influencing politicians to further push their addendum for the rest of us ‘lost souls.’

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    Saying that televangelism is a reflection of global Christianity (from tribal churches in Zambia to Western congregations) is sort of like saying the entire world of music is shown on MTV. I too am apalled at the gaudiness. I see it as detrimental and over the top. But the sets you see aren’t real, they’re just backdrops. I also take issue with a lot of the theology, especially on TBN. A lot of it is sort of off the wall and has nothing to do with the Bible.

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    Check out a book called ‘White Trash Heaven’. It explores in detail how the Celt immigrants who settled in what is now the Bible belt brought with them their traditions for flamboyant dress and larger than life hair and flashy accessories.

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