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Jezebel R.

Aside from discrimination, which is a rather big deal, there are sheer numbers to think about, aren’t there? If Kinsey’s numbers are right, and many people admit they might not be, then 10 percent of the population is gay or lesbian, at the outside. If discrimination were not such a deterrent to people coming out, then maybe that number would be slightly bigger. Maybe if bisexuality weren’t erroneously seen as being confused or fence-sitting, a large number of lesbians wouldn’t automatically rule me out as a partner because of it. The reality is that there are a lot more straight or bisexual men to choose from than there are bisexual women and bi-friendly lesbians. So the simple numbers make it harder for me to find a female partner.

If your question is about whether or not dating women or having a relationship with women is easier than having a relationship with men, then my well-studied answer is an emphatic no. I am not bound by gender in my loves, so I can say that I have had equally good and equally bad relationships with both men and women. I’ve known women to be flippant about it, implying that somehow immaturity or difficulty communicating is a male trait, but if you so much as look around you, it’s easy to see that isn’t true.

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