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Are all Trumpies toothless, backwoods racists? Or just Christian?

trump newspaper

Why did a lot of people against Trump in the election think his supporters were toothless, backwoods racists? At the same time, how do Christians justify voting for him when he’s had affairs, bullies his foes instead of turns the other cheek, and often acts only to pad his own wallet? Joanne, 63, white, Philadelphia, 80874 Replies There was not ...

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Do all black people know each other?

black selfie

Do all black people know each other? RaquelP, City : Johnson City, State : TN, Country : United States, 126 Replies: Do all white people know each other? No. Therefore all black people do not know each other either. The only different between white and black people is the fact that black people have more melanin in they’re skin which is ...

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White Wisconsinites watching words?

dairy cow

A friend born and raised in Wisconsin tells me that no subjects of an intimate nature (money, affection, etc.) were discussed in her home. That her parents would not allow it. Is this typical in white North American households? M-Hernandez, Race : Hispanic/Latino (may be any race), City : Miami, State : FL, Country : United States, 6183 Join the dialogue ...

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Why am I always the ‘cool black guy’?

bar scene

I’ve noticed when I’ve gone to almost all-white college bars that I am THE MAN. It’s almost like I’m a celebrity, as in, “Hey! It’s THE Black Guy!” What’s that about? Tola24659, Gender : M, Race : Black/African American, Religion : Catholic, Age : 23, City : Silver Spring, State : MD, Country : United States, Education level : 4 ...

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Why do Hispanic girls pluck, draw, paste and gel?

girl chola makeup

Why do a lot of Hispanic women pluck their eyebrows and then draw them on with an eyebrow pencil? And why do they draw a hard lip outline and paste their hair flat with gel? These appear harsh to me, but they must appear sexy to you and Hispanic men? Ellen, Gender : Female, Race : White/Caucasian, Age : 48, ...

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I don’t say ‘liberry,’ why do blacks say ‘aks’?

Dare Aks question

Why do so many black people say ‘aks’ instead of ‘ask’ or pronounce words ending in ‘th’ like they end in ‘f’ (‘I’ll go ask Keith’ becomes ‘I’ll go aks Keef’)? It doesn’t seem to be tied to any particular segment of the black population. That is, it’s not just people from the South or a certain age group or ...

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