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Why do counter workers put out tip jars?

tip jar

What’s with all the tip jars at Dunkin’ Donuts and other coffee shops? I realize the workers there are probably not paid very well, but to pay $2.31 for a cup of coffee and then have to tip the person who simply poured it into a cup for me seems a bit extreme. Rich, Gender : M, Race : White/Caucasian, ...

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A male kindergarten teacher? Some people just never learn…

kindergarten teacher class school

I’m a female kindergarten teacher and am always very curious when meeting a male kindergarten teacher. I cannot understand why they have chosen a career path that has so much unspoken prejudice. Wouldn’t the constant pressure and fear of being accused of sexual abuse be enough to choose a different career? Even as a female I am acutely aware of ...

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Corrections officers setting up ‘gladiator fights’?

guards gladiator prison

What on earth are prison guards doing while prisoners are being attacked, raped, forming gangs, etc. in the facility? Why can this not be prevented? Prisoners are there to suffer the penalty of loss of freedom, not to undergo physical harm. Are there too few guards, or is it that they just don’t care? CP, Gender : F, Age : ...

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Why do ‘Captain Bringdowns’ stay at jobs they hate?

frustration worker employment

Why do people keep jobs they hate? I could understand the money or benefits, but why do something you don’t like doing? Didier R., Sexual Orientation: Straight, Race : Hispanic/Latino (may be any race), City : Chicago, State : IL, Country : United States, Occupation : student, 8815 Replies: I think anyone who’s ever been in the position you’re describing understands. ...

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Fatigues, dress whites, whatever — it better fit right to be sexy

fatigues military uniforms

Looking sexy in fatigues is all about the fit. A lot of styles these days are sloppy and baggy – which yes, can look nice, too – but a man’s uniform – whether it be fatigues or the dress clothes just seem to fit so well, and show off his usually very fit, trim, young body. Even if my head ...

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