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Mom: teen must bare all at nudist camp, like it or not


Is there a nudist camp in Europe that can handle my request that my son of 14 be made to stay completely nude for an entire stay in the summer when he is out of school? We are nudist and I want him to be completely bare wherever possible whether he likes it or not. Megan, Gender : F, Sexual ...

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OK for me to masturbate while thinking of an aunt?

disgusted woman

Is it OK to masturbate while thinking of an aunt? She is very pretty, and when I look at her (legs, butt, etc.), I see her like I would see any other woman. jst-d-guy, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation: Straight, Age : 20, City : Maracay, State : NA, Country : Venezuela, 7880 As long as it’s not your sister or ...

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‘…and I have heft to it, too’


As an Asian guy, I’ve been mercilessly teased by people since my teens (even Asian females, although with them I can shoot right back with comments on how ‘flat’ they are) about the myth of the Asian penis. Well, I look smallish when my penis isn’t erect, but when I am aroused, I am slightly over 6 inches (by eye-balling), ...

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‘There is always something going on down there’

shower head water bath

Have you thought of why you find giving oral sex aversive? I know some people (men and women) look at giving oral sex to their partner (again male or female) as unclean due to the other functions down there. When my son (he is 22) came to me complaining that his girlfriend wanted him to give her oral if she ...

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They may be ‘young and plumptious,’ but I don’t always want to hook up

candy lips

Thanks for the question. It really made me think, and I may not be proud of all that I am going to say. First, we are all people. Anyone can “try to talk” to anyone. Did you mean talk, or what in England I would call “Chat up” or try to “Pick up”? Second, some young girls do want to ...

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