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Rust-myth never sleeps: the scent of redheads


Do I imagine this, or do redheads kind of smell ‘rusty’? Nina, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, Race : Arab/Indian/French, Religion : Pagan, Age : 23, City : Perth, State : NA, Country : Australia, Occupation : Researcher, Education level : 4 Years of College, Social class : Upper middle class, 10049 Replies You may not be imagining this. ...

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Is ‘hate crime’ just another term for Orwell’s ‘thoughtcrime’?


What is the justification for increased penalties for “hate crimes”? Why should an assault motivated by greed incur a lesser sentence than one motivated by the victim’s race or religion? To me, the only mitigating factor that should be reasonably recognized is premeditation; eg. accidental vehicular homicide vs. a planned murder. The idea of “hate crime” smacks awfully close to ...

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You put your kid in prairie dresses and plain cotton?

new boxer-shorts-underwear

What really gets me are the stores that sell satin, sexy underwear for little girls. They have sizes for my 5 year old! It’s absolutely sickening. Kim28688, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation: Straight, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Christian, Age : 28, City : St. Augustine, State : FL, Country : United States, Occupation : Paramedic, Education level : Over ...

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People give a flip about getting the finger because…

middle finger group

How and why did the finger between the ‘ring finger’ and the ‘pointer finger’ come to mean an offensive gesture? TG27574, City : Springfield, State : IL, Country : United States, 10512 Replies: I think it has to do with the phallic imagery and the implied violence in the upward motion. If you turn that hand upside-down, it looks like a ...

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Does fake meat gross out vegetarians?

fake sausage meat vegetarian

Are people who are vegetarians by choice rather than a doctor’s orders offended by the vegetarian products on the market that imitate all of the aspects of real meat? Tina, Gender : F, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Catholic, Age : 34, City : Orlando, State : FL, Country : United States, Occupation : Mom, Education level : 2 Years ...

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Some people have never heard of 9/11?

fireman 9-11

Is it possible that someone in the United States could not know about the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11? I ask this because, believe it or not, I encountered two people, both Americans, on the Internet who had absolutely no clue as to what was going on when the FBI returned Elian Gonzalez to his father. One of them had ...

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