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Do people think everything is big but IQ in the Lone Star State?

cowboy hat texas

Why is it that when people from non-Southern states hear my Texas accent, they seem to automatically assume I am one of the following: A) stupid, B) a racist or C) backward, probably due to inbreeding of a rather extensive nature? Maybelle-June-Bodine, Gender : F, City : San Jose, State : CA, 196 Replies: In all honesty I think it ...

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Can my paralyzed friend have sex?

wheelchair arrow

Are men paralyzed from the waste down able to have sex? I have a friend who is paralyzed and says he hasn’t had sex in six years. R.Wells, Gender : Female, Sexual Orientation: Straight, Race : Black/African American, Religion : Christian, Age : 23, City : Sacramento, State : CA, Country : United States, Occupation : homemaker, Education level : ...

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Let kids drink at 14 so they don’t drive drunk at 16


The drinking age is 21 here in the States. But over in other countries it’s set at a younger age or no age at all. Here you hear almost every day about a teen dying in a car accident related to drunk driving. But in other countries that rarely happens because their used to drinking and know all the risks ...

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A much smaller chance for the ‘bad’ people to get in


Why do some people want to live in a gated community, even in places where crime isn’t out of hand? M-S-H, City : Salt Lake City, State : UT, Country : United States, Social class : Middle, 625 Replies: Having grown up in gated neighborhoods, I can tell you why my father chose to live in these places. It’s all ...

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Why do counter workers put out tip jars?

tip jar

What’s with all the tip jars at Dunkin’ Donuts and other coffee shops? I realize the workers there are probably not paid very well, but to pay $2.31 for a cup of coffee and then have to tip the person who simply poured it into a cup for me seems a bit extreme. Rich, Gender : M, Race : White/Caucasian, ...

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Are all Trumpies toothless, backwoods racists? Or just Christian?

trump newspaper

Why did a lot of people against Trump in the election think his supporters were toothless, backwoods racists? At the same time, how do Christians justify voting for him when he’s had affairs, bullies his foes instead of turns the other cheek, and often acts only to pad his own wallet? Joanne, 63, white, Philadelphia, 80874 Replies There was not ...

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