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Why do counter workers put out tip jars?

What’s with all the tip jars at Dunkin’ Donuts and other coffee shops? I realize the workers there are probably not paid very well, but to pay $2.31 for a cup of coffee and then have to tip the person who simply poured it into a cup for me seems a bit extreme. Rich, Gender : M, Race : White/Caucasian, ...

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Are all Trumpies toothless, backwoods racists? Or just Christian?

Why did a lot of people against Trump in the election think his supporters were toothless, backwoods racists? At the same time, how do Christians justify voting for him when he’s had affairs, bullies his foes instead of turns the other cheek, and often acts only to pad his own wallet? Joanne, 63, white, Philadelphia, 80874 Replies There was not ...

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The War On … ‘Feliz Navidad’?

Why in the media is the Christmas greeting now 95 percent “Happy Holidays,” but when other language are shown near it, the phrase “Feliz Navidad” is shown? It means “Merry Christmas” in Spanish. So why in the United States is it proper to use “Merry Christmas” in Spanish but not in English? robs, City : hobe sound, State : FL, ...

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Is ‘hate crime’ just another term for Orwell’s ‘thoughtcrime’?

What is the justification for increased penalties for “hate crimes”? Why should an assault motivated by greed incur a lesser sentence than one motivated by the victim’s race or religion? To me, the only mitigating factor that should be reasonably recognized is premeditation; eg. accidental vehicular homicide vs. a planned murder. The idea of “hate crime” smacks awfully close to ...

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OK for me to masturbate while thinking of an aunt?

Is it OK to masturbate while thinking of an aunt? She is very pretty, and when I look at her (legs, butt, etc.), I see her like I would see any other woman. jst-d-guy, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation: Straight, Age : 20, City : Maracay, State : NA, Country : Venezuela, 7880 As long as it’s not your sister or ...

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Do only lesbians ‘turn straight’?

I have heard some discussion about lesbian women who go on to marry or live with men in heterosexual relationships. I have seen this phenomenon with a few lesbians I know. However, I have never heard of a case where a gay man decides to marry or live with a woman. Why is this? Is male sexuality more ‘hard wired’ ...

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