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‘I would LOVE to be that skinny … but only with bigger boobs’

I frequently use humour to ease discomfort of others regarding my disability and weight. I do not have a problem with people joking about my disabilities. HOWEVER, I am the first to bark when I feel someone is being cruel. The other day, a woman commented on another woman being ‘skinny’. In a crowded room she said ‘Look at her!’ ...

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Some people have never heard of 9/11?

Is it possible that someone in the United States could not know about the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11? I ask this because, believe it or not, I encountered two people, both Americans, on the Internet who had absolutely no clue as to what was going on when the FBI returned Elian Gonzalez to his father. One of them had ...

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Fatigues, dress whites, whatever — it better fit right to be sexy

Looking sexy in fatigues is all about the fit. A lot of styles these days are sloppy and baggy – which yes, can look nice, too – but a man’s uniform – whether it be fatigues or the dress clothes just seem to fit so well, and show off his usually very fit, trim, young body. Even if my head ...

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You don’t fall in love with the ‘outside bits’

I am not an expert on this and would prefer to see a reply from a member of the Transexual/Transgender community, but … ‘Sex changes’ do not happen overnight. Someone doesn’t just wake up in the morning and say ‘Oh Wait, I am a guy/girl.’ The fact of being transgender would exist before the relationship began and would therefore to ...

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Will bidets help us clean up our act in U.S.?

Is it true that some Europeans think Americans are less than clean because we don’t have bidets in common use here? Also, is a daily bath or shower as common in Europe as it is in the United States? Aimee, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Atheist, Age : 37, City : Chicago, State : ...

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A (big) hairy way to get $$$ from Christian ‘trailer park trash’

They are targeting an audience (using very sophisticated marketing research) in order to garnish the most money possible. That target seems to be (and I hate to use this phrase) ‘trailer park trash.’ Then look at the Sunday morning fare on regular network TV – shows such as ‘Hour of Power.’ This is from a mainstream church with modern, somewhat ...

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